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Welcome to my website.

My passion for music goes back a long way - I have been making up tunes since I was a kid.

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have written and produced theme tunes and soundtrack music

for various film and video productions over the years, including historical docu-dramas and educational films,

as well as for organisations such as Vodafone, IBM and Oxfam.

I enjoy writing in different styles - from moody orchestral, through

contemporary and ambient, to folk, historical - and occasionally medieval!

Here are some sample tracks

A few tracks are also available for download on my Bandcamp page, as well as on Amazon and iTunes.

And some of my video music for commercial use can be found at productiontrax.com.

Please do contact me if you require original music for a media project.

Many years’ experience in film and video production has given me a good understanding

of the musical and technical requirements of today’s media producers.

I am based in Sussex, England, but I can provide music for clients worldwide.

After our initial discussions, I would be pleased to provide a trial piece without obligation,

for you to see if I am the right composer for your project.

Mark Snashall (PRS)
Mark Snashall Composer
© Mark Snashall 2018

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